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Not just a “generics” company

Challenging Industry Giants

ADAMA is a global agricultural crop protection company with a brand promise to “Simply. Grow. Together."

While ADAMA has strong awareness and affinity in many markets around the world, their position in the United States has never been as robust. Mistakenly known as a seller of only “generic” agriculture solutions, ADAMA has had difficulty competing against the big players—Bayer, BASF, Dow and others.

Brand Awareness Campaign

Agriculture has fallen into a creative rut when it comes to advertising. Many companies use the same, tired images, and if it weren’t for brand logos and copy, one would have a hard time distinguishing one ag advertisement from another. ADAMA is different. The creative execution for ADAMA needed to reflect them as a brand – a liberator and a rebel. That’s why we developed memorable, stop-you-in-your-tracks creative to launch the brand in select markets. This launch included tactics in print, digital, radio and Google Ads.

“Crows” Radio Ad

Our 0:30 radio spot was winner of the AdFed Award 2019 for Regional/National Radio Commercial. This is another example of how ADAMA is gaining praise for using a different approach from the rest of the agriculture industry.

Diamond® Insecticide

Several product videos were created to promote some of ADAMA’s most well-known products. They each feature an illustrated design style to make complicated material a bit more approachable and further differentiate from other ag companies in the industry.

ADAMA’s Agency of Record

NEXT works with their internal team on a wide range of marketing projects including:

Not The Usual Ag Industry Ads

ADAMA asked NEXT to develop a series of crop campaigns to grow awareness by taking a completely different visual approach. While the rest of the ag industry looks alike (ads tend to feature similar images of farmers, rows of crops, rolling hills and a sunny day), ADAMA wanted growers to stop, take note of the ADAMA name, be curious and begin asking about and researching ADAMA.

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