The next step forward

The Evolution of a Brand

HP needed to deliver a message to their net-new prospects in the digital press industry with a fully integrated campaign to reach targets and convert sales. NEXT was approached to create new messaging and compelling graphics that supported HP’s highly dynamic brand.  

The multi-touch, multi-year program utilized a personalized approach to reaching HP’s targeted prospects via modern 1:1 marketing techniques, leveraging both print and digital. Campaign deliverables included a microsite, personalized direct mail, email, landing pages, sample books and white papers that boasted solutions for addressing customers’ pain points and solving their problems.

Vibrant Visuals

The imagery was unexpected and vibrant. Produced with digital printing techniques that are the hallmark of HP’s brand, NEXT took advantage of its most innovative presses.

Be Bold.

New messaging involved an evolution of the HP brand to include a fresh approach that was both cutting-edge and disruptive.

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