A simple and powerful message

Transformed Media Strategy

NEXT / GLS created an integrated campaign to position entry-level Unidrive M models as universal and simple, driving awareness and inquires while communicating the change of corporate ownership from Emerson to Nidec. A media transformation that involved strong negotiating and value-add to drastically improve the Unidrive M media footprint-for the same budget.

Integrated and Targeted

Ad campaigns targeted a specific segment of buyers to a specific set of products. NEXT / GLS leveraged digital ads, landing pages, lead forensics,and a fresh approach to the creative messaging and visuals.

Digital Ads

Specific segments of buyers are targeted to deliver higher response rates and a better ROI. Solid reporting monitored progress and reported results allowing for changing course as needed to keep strategies on target

Email & Landing Page

The email campaign reinforces the brand message and links to a landing page for more information and the opportunity to capture qualified leads.

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