Safe Reflections, Inc.

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Illumination of a Brand

Safe Reflections, Inc. is an international provider of reflective materials and adhesives for apparel, shoes and accessories with recognizable clients such as Canada Goose, Pearl Izumi, the U.S. Military and so many more. Much like Safe Reflections’ company mission to help improve visibility, the brand and website needed a visibility improvement as well.

Reflection on Research and Insights

Also driven by the research findings, NEXT made visual and verbal modifications to the Safe Reflections' branding. A brand guidelines document was created that outlined all the adjustments such as rules for proper usage, tone of voice and photography direction, revised colors and typefaces, as well as new supportive design elements that accentuate their brand position.

Spotlight on the Website

A new approach to a brand is an exciting step for any organization and requires full creative and messaging alignment to make it work. For Safe Reflections, we started with the website as the driving creative force, which included the complete reimagining of the user experience and how best to demonstrate Safe Reflections’ leadership and differentiation in the reflective materials space. The strategy for the site included restructuring the wireframe, new creative copy, new and retouched photography and the introduction of a complex product catalog, brought to light with the help of our development friends at BlueEarth Innovation. The end result is a user-centric, eye-catching site that’s easy to navigate and truly reflects what Safe Reflections is as a brand.

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