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When the art of storytelling meets the science of data, your brand benefits. We work with you to engage your customers and prospects in one-on-one conversations that are relevant, compelling, and, ultimately, effective. We’ll help you change minds, so you can change the game.

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The uniqueness of your challenges deserves fresh consideration. We strategically uncover insights that not only improve performance but propel your organization forward.

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Ag is not what it used to be, and neither are the growers. Technology, trends and market profiles are more complex than ever, and ag businesses need to evolve the way they do marketing to keep up with the changes. We can help connect your business with farmers in a meaningful way from planning through harvest, season after season.


The growing sensitivity around patient and client data is palpable as seemingly each new day brings news of another breach. The medical industry is built on not just patient health but safety and protection from harm, be it bodily or otherwise. Ensuring communication and data safety with your patients is our top priority, that’s why we use SOC 2-compliant data management resources when reaching your audience.

Higher Education

With COVID-19, decreased funding and declining enrollments, it’s a difficult time for higher education institutions. Harder still, Americans are also questioning the value of a college degree as a whole. Colleges and universities are increasingly finding themselves competing for market share under more consumer and government scrutiny.  

It’s important a higher education brand aligns with its mission, vision, values and business plan. Your brand is both visual and verbal – the combination is what gets noticed, remembered, and helps the organization stand apart. If your brand is no longer relevant or on strategy, it’s time to invest. NEXT can help both assess what’s not working and build on what is to ensure everything resonates and fully articulates your value.   

Furthermore, higher education institutions that take a strategic, data-driven approach to recruiting students find themselves ahead of the competition. Predictive modeling and machine learning can help you identify your best targets, advanced analytics and reporting can show you gaps in your pipeline, and the aggregation of all of this data can bring insight into messaging and creative execution.


NEXT has been working with manufacturers for over 20 years, and we know over 90% of B2B customers research online before buying any products. If your marketing does not include digital inbound strategies, you could be missing out on a lot. We help manufacturers maximize marketing activities such as lead generation, distributor strategies, advertising and earned media, sales support tools, trade shows and much more. We believe successful and forward-thinking manufacturers should embrace the digital frontier head on.


Meeting individuals’ basic needs during times of crises is the role many nonprofit organizations undertake each day. Whether they are helping individuals find pathways out of poverty, or providing immediate food, shelter or medical care resources, raising funds to support these programs is both essential and ongoing.  

NEXT helps nonprofit organizations with philanthropic fundraising efforts to reach donors with the right messages at the right time.Stories of how recipients are helped are woven throughout localized and segmented appeals, emails and digital marketing efforts create an emotional connection and inspire giving. Bottom line: Donors are known to give when nonprofits connect with them on a 1:1 basis.

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